Don’t Take the Bait – They are Only Phishing

Posted: July 26, 2016

Just as the fisherman is constantly at work to discover what bait will work to hook the fish he’s after, the unethical cyber-anglers are trying to find out which bait will trick you into revealing your password, your credit card or maybe your banking information. Protect yourself and Penn State; protect your family and your finances by exercising great caution when you get any email that is going to involve private information!

The Penn State Office of Information Security has launched a new website to help you determine the validity of messages that you suspect may be phishing.  Some are easily spotted – grammer of horrible and badly the spelleng of– others may be very well done with appropriate graphics and urgent-sounding text.  The website includes a list of recently reported phishing e-mails, and a way to report ones that you receive that aren’t yet on the list.

The second portion of this website is even more valuable – it has tips to follow if you succumb to a phishing attempt in a moment of weakness.  Should you fall victim to phishing, you should also contact AgIT so that we can help you with your Ag password security and give you other tips.

If you’ve never fallen victim to phishing, and don’t think you need help identifying bad email, you may still want to check out the website just for entertainment - - where else can you see a message like this that was recently sent to faculty and staff at Penn State….

Dear Valued Student,
About your last year performance,we hope you did change this time around and make sure to update this informations given to you:-

Check out the phishing website at: