Cisco AnyConnect Transition

Posted: September 14, 2016

Connecting to secure Penn State resources from a location outside of the Penn State network requires a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection – an added layer of security that protects data while enroute from one computer to another. Penn State currently supports two products to make this secure connection, but one service is taking advantage of the early retirement plan and going away soon. Is it the one you use?

As the University (and the College!)  announced in April, Cisco AnyConnect is replacing Cisco Systems VPN as the official tool to establish secure access to Penn State resources from other networks.  The retiring service is expected to be decommissioned shortly after the first of the year – earlier if security issues arise.  Over the past six months, the College of Ag Sciences has been migrating our faculty and staff away from Cisco VPN and over to AnyConnect.  In order to assure a smooth transition when the old service is discontinued, we are planning to upgrade the VPN software on all remaining college computers in October.  Those who have already made the switch have found it to be smooth and frustration-free!

If you would like to beat the rush, be in front of the crowd, on the technology leading edge, and one of the cool kids to have the software before some of your peers, the installation is only a few clicks away!  Find the simple steps in April’s IT Matters article found here:

If you have any questions on the software or its deployment, please contact us by telephone to 814-865-1229 or by email to