HelpDesk Support during the Holidays

Posted: December 15, 2015

We realize that although the university is officially closed for the holiday break, many of you will be working while the staff of Ag IT is sipping eggnog and eating fruitcake…but we will rouse up from our long winter’s nap if your office has an IT emergency!

Following the Penn State calendar, the Ag IT HelpDesk will be closed during the holiday break – December 24 through January 3.

Emergency support will be available every weekday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. except December 25, and January 1.  In the event of the loss of a significant service (such as the loss of office networking – Internet and/or email – or the loss of server-based shares or My Documents), please call 814-865-1229, indicate that you have an emergency and briefly explain the nature of the outage.  This information will be passed to on-call IT staff to help you.

Wireless network connectivity in University Park Campus buildings is a service of Penn State’s Telecommunications and Networking Services (TNS).  If wireless connectivity is unavailable please contact the Network Operations Center (NOC) directly at 865-4662 for resolution.

Non-emergency requests received by telephone during the holidays will be entered as a routine helpdesk ticket and will be responded to beginning on January 4.  Alternately, you can send non-emergency help requests for assistance after the holiday break by using the helpdesk web form at  or send email to

Ag IT suggests that your computers be logged off, but remain turned on and connected to the network when you leave for the holiday break. This will ensure that all critical security updates are applied as scheduled.  You can save energy and still receive all updates with just a few clicks by choosing a power management option from the “B” icon located near the bottom-right corner of your screen.