XP Free - The Choice for Me!

Posted: October 23, 2014

New Year’s Day brings parades, traditional sauerkraut meals, football and …and…and the end of support for computers using Windows XP in the College of Ag Sciences!

As you have surely seen in many communications, Microsoft and Penn State have ended their support of the Windows XP operating system.  The Pennsylvania State University has instituted a policy forbidding the use of XP-based computers on Penn State networks, and each passing day increases the risk of significant compromise of the XP operating system.  Our Windows XP to Windows 7 migration team led by Jacki Weikert has done an admirable job of working with county staff to upgrade computers that are capable of being upgraded.  Our announced deadline for support of Windows XP has been December 31, 2014 and that date is fast approaching.

After December 31, IT Support staff will no longer be able to assist users with computers that are still using Windows XP.  Our expectation is that you will have had an opportunity to upgrade those computers that can function with Windows 7, and to send the remaining non-upgradable Windows XP computers to Lion Surplus for salvage (remember that Penn State owned computers must be disposed of through Lion Surplus - not sold or donated).  The intent of these policies and processes isn’t to reduce the number of XP-based computers or to minimize the risk of using them on our networks – the intent is to eliminate their use at Penn State.

If you contact us about a Windows XP computer we will offer the upgrade option if available for that specific computer.  If the computer is not upgradable we will contact your District Director to assist you in securing a Windows 7 computer to use.

If you have questions about becoming XP-Free by December 31, please feel free to contact us at 814-865-1229 and we’ll be glad to talk about your specific questions and circumstances.