2015 – Looking Forward

Posted: December 19, 2014

After tearing down the old calendar it is time to start a new one, and take a fresh look at some of the projects on the horizon.

While 2014 was an active year for us, we are looking to continue to maintain and improve the services we offer and enable.

SharePoint is scheduled for a significant upgrade bringing the important document repository into a newer version and bringing some new features.  You can help make this transition go more smoothly and quickly by trimming out old/unused documents before the upgrade.

We will continue to upgrade building network components for devices for shared services in Ag Admin Building as well as in other campus locations.  In many buildings the upgrades will improve performance, in others they will improve security and reliability – and many buildings will enjoy both benefits!

We are implementing a redesign of departmental shared storage in order to reflect the new college structure.  This will reflect the department structure electronically, and will enable departments to securely share data among appropriate groups of faculty, staff, and graduate students.

During this next year we also expect to complete a search for and hire an IT Director for the College of Ag Sciences.  While our department and our college have prospered under the interim leadership of Sherry Crum and Ed Zuech, we are looking forward to having a full-time director providing vision, leadership and resources.