2014 – A Look Back

Posted: December 19, 2014

As we tore off the last page of the 2014 calendar we thought back on some of the many projects that we’ve been working on. Like a To-Do list is it nice to look back and put checkmarks next to projects. Here are a few that impacted you.

2014 has been a busy IT year – for you and for us.  We’re pleased with the progress we’ve made to improve your IT experience.

Aging network components in multiple buildings were replaced with current models, increasing network security, reliability and speed.

New and improved backup systems and practices were put in place to protect you from data loss.

As the hardware and software that managed the college’s listservs aged from outdated to old and then to ancient we decided to take advantage of the university-hosted list management services.  Almost 450 lists were migrated away from the college services and on to the more robust and reliable university system.

Over 8,000 helpdesk tickets were opened and closed during 2014.

Continued use of - and improvements to - the software deployment system (often called TEM) has drastically reduced your need to apply updates and patches – which has significantly reduced the number of compromised computers and the loss of time and productivity associated with malware and virus removal.

Hundreds of Windows XP computers were upgraded or replaced, allowing us to come into compliance with industry and University policies and practices.

The Sysman Buildkey process that many of you have used has reduced the time it takes to prepare a new computer for use and to transfer data from the old computer to a new one from days to hours.

Five new staff members were brought on-board this year – good people with the right skills and expertise and the right attitudes to help us all carry out the college’s mission.

Many of these activities required service interruption, and a few resulted in unanticipated interruption – we valued your patience and cooperation through the year as we made these improvements.