You CAN Take it With You...

Posted: December 13, 2013

Planning to retire in the near future? Starting a new employment adventure outside the College of Ag Sciences (CAS)? Have an employee who works for you leaving the College? If you answer Yes to any of these questions, please be aware that there are IT considerations that need to be addressed before leaving the College.

To protect and ensure appropriate future access to data, for the employee and supervisor, employees leaving the College need to take steps to organize and transfer data to the right people and places. With a little advance notice, the Ag IT Consultants are happy to help you or your soon to be departing employee work through the process.

Important steps for employees leaving the College:

  • Be sure that Ag IT has been notified of your last day of employment (a two week notice is preferred). Once notified, an Ag IT Consultant will contact you to assist with any final IT needs, including the items below.
  • Clean up/delete email and files that are no longer needed by you or your supervisor.
  • Decide if you will need to take an archive of your email with you?  If you do, what format will work best? This often depends on what email program you plan to use in the future.
    • Archive mail appropriately.
    • Copy archived email onto an appropriate storage device.
  • Decide which, if any, data files (personal and professional) you will need to take with you, organize them into one central location to make copying easier.
    • Copy desired files onto an appropriate storage device.
  • Decide what data files need to be made available to your supervisor, colleagues and/or replacement.
    • Copy desired files onto an appropriate storage device or shared network drive. If a secure location is required, Ag IT can assist in identifying a location that will meet your needs.
  • On your last day, ensure your Penn State email is being forwarded to the correct location for the future.

At 5:00 PM on the date of your termination, your College of Ag Sciences access account will be disabled and you will no longer have access to your email (CAS Exchange mail) or data files stored on a CAS computer or network share. A copy of your information is stored in the backup system for 14 days, after which time it is fully purged.

If an employee leaves the College and realizes they failed to take desired email or files with them, with written notice, Ag IT will attempt to retrieve data from backup and return it to the employee.

IMPORTANT FOR SUPERVISORS: If an employee leaves the College and fails to appropriately transfer their business related files to their supervisor, the process to retrieve those files can be complex and time consuming. Ag IT is not permitted, without written consent from the employee, to turn over any data files to the supervisor. If access to the data is required, and identified prior to the data being purged from backups, Ag IT is required to turn all data over to the PSU Security Office. The supervisor will then need to identify the data that is needed. The Security Office will go through the files, retrieve the requested data and turn it over. Depending on the backlog of requests and the amount of data to be reviewed, this process can take weeks to months to complete.

Ag IT understands the importance of user data and is dedicated to helping protect and secure it while individuals are employed by the College and as they transition out of employment. If you or one of your employees will be leaving the College, please remember to contact Ag IT Help Desk right away, so we can help make the IT transition as smooth as possible.