Wireless Access at University Park

Posted: October 11, 2013

Wireless access has been extended to most College of Ag buildings at University Park.

Ag IT has been working closely with Penn State’s Telecommunications and Networking Services (TNS) office for more than a year to extend Penn State’s wireless connectivity service across College buildings on the University Park campus.  Although there are still ‘dark spots’ – areas without PSU wireless service - nearly all offices and common areas are now within range of University hosted and secured wireless. The few College buildings that are not currently being served by the wireless network, will be added at some time in the future, although time frame is not currently available.

If your device is not already configured to authenticate to Penn State’s wireless network, connect to the "psuwirelesssetup" network and if not prompted immediately to do so, visit and follow the instructions for your particular device.

Once you have this service configured you will be able to easily connect to the "psu" wireless network as you go about your daily tasks – at the HUB, in the library, at many eateries and in your colleagues offices.

Coming in the next few months we also expect to have a secondary wireless service provided by ATT for guests and visitors to campus – and at no charge to them.  This will allow your vendors, visiting scholars, prospective students, and other guests to wirelessly connect without cost or the need for complex pre-arrangements. More details will be shared as soon as that guest service is fully implemented.

The extension of University secured and hosted wireless service to most of our College’s sites on campus will now eliminate the need for, "rogue wireless" -- wireless connectivity that has been offered by individuals as a service to their department and guests. In fact, the continued use of non-University hosted service will cause service degradation to the approved network and is in violation of University policy. Anyone who is offering wireless connectivity should now dismantle their wireless devices and configure their own devices to the University’s system. Ag IT network specialists and support staff will be available to assist in those tasks, if requested.

For help in verifying if the Penn State wireless network is available in your area, for help configuring your device to use wireless, or for help in retiring a rogue wireless network please contact Ag IT by phone at 814-865-1229, by e-mail to, or by using the web form located at