URGENT: Surge Protector Recall

Posted: October 11, 2013

Some APC surge protectors previously purchased with EN computers have been recalled. Please take care to determine if you may be using a faulty unit.
Sample APC Unit

Sample APC Unit

The US Consumer Safety Commission in partnership with APC has issued an important safety recall for APC surge protectors including the very devices that were delivered across the College with EN System computers for many years. In fact, we’ve discovered more than half-a-dozen already that are still in use in just the Ag IT unit!

These products are under recall because, “Some surge protection devices can overheat under abnormal electrical conditions, posing a possible fire risk to persons and property.” Ag IT strongly advises you to check each APC device in your office against the recall notice (it is quite simple to determine if you have a qualifying device).  If you have a qualifying device APC will replace it with a similar, though safer version at no cost.