SOS… Save our (server) Space

Posted: June 3, 2013

Do you use Ag “My Documents”? If so, we need your help! College storage space is quickly becoming an issue as we approach critically low levels of available storage space. Current reports show that there are hundreds of gigabytes of movies, music and pictures that are consuming network server storage and server backup resources. While some percentages of these files are work-related, Ag IT is asking you to remove non-work-related files from your “My Documents” directory.

The “My Documents” directory is a Microsoft user friendly way to organize data on your computer or a remote server. On Windows XP computers, it is called “My Documents” and on Windows 7 computers it is called “Documents”. If you are in the Ag Domain, there is a very high chance that the files you store in your “My Documents” directory are being redirected to a server and then backed up to another server for additional protection.

While we are all busy, a few moments of your time and actions will go a long way to help address some of the storage challenges that we are facing. Pictures, movies and music consume large amounts of storage space. Current reports indicate that we as a College are using hundreds of gigabytes of storage to save movies, music and pictures. We are asking all College of Ag Sciences users to look at their My Documents to identify any personal data (especially pictures, movies and music) that can be moved to an alternate storage location.

We are not asking you to move any work/research/business data from the protections that “My Documents’ provides, but are focusing only on personal data being stored in your My Documents directory. With your help, we will be able to free up large amounts of storage space for critical work-related purposes.

While we are primarily focusing on personal data with this article, we are also willing to work with you if require large storage solutions for work/research/business data. There may be more effective ways and more appropriate locations to store this data. We are happy to work with you to find alternative solutions to these needs.

Ag IT does have projects in the queue that will address upgrades and possible changes to the College-wide storage that we offer today, but we need your help to keep our current solution viable and operational.

If you would like help moving data or identifying alternative storage options, please feel free to contact the Ag IT Help Desk.