Older Versions of Adobe Reader to be Updated

Posted: October 11, 2013

Adobe Reader and Pro to be upgraded and standardized to enhance security and functionality.

As mentioned in the last Ag IT Matters article, FLASH! New Adobe Contract on the Way, Ag IT is working closely with those in charge of the Adobe agreement at Penn State. Details and contracts are still being finalized. In preparation to be able to install the new software, we recently took a look at the Adobe products currently installed on College machines. We have found that many out-of-date versions of Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Professional are installed.

Older versions of Adobe Reader are prone to bugs and present security risks. Additionally, the older versions do not have as many built-in functions as the newer version (for instance, the newer version of Acrobat Reader contains  features that used to only be available to users who had purchased the Professional version).

Because of the new features, security enhancements and functionality of Adobe Reader XI (11.0.05), AG IT will be using TEM to upgrade computers to the latest version of Reader. If you have an older version of Adobe Reader and TEM installed, your computer will automatically get the updated version of Adobe Reader installed. If you had Adobe Reader 10 (X) installed, you should not notice any difference. However, version 9 and earlier looked and functioned a bit differently than XI (such as the location of the toolbar and how to print). With version XI, you will see the tools on the bottom rather than the top, when opening PDFs in a browser. If you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, you may or may not have Adobe Reader. If you do, it may be configured to open PDF documents by default, at some times, making it more difficult to take advantage of the Acrobat Pro tools. While we are updating Reader versions, we will also remove Adobe Reader from any computer running Acrobat Pro X or XI, allowing for better utilization of the Pro features by default.

Once the Adobe agreement is finalized, we will provide details on how we might be able to use TEM to automatically upgrade older versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro to the latest version. (NOTE: TEM will be required to be installed on any computer that will receive Adobe software, once the agreement is signed).

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Ag IT Helpdesk and we would be happy to talk with you.