Identity Finder (IDF) – Update (Counties and Research Centers)

Posted: June 3, 2013

An updated version of the Identify Finder (IDF) software is now available. Version 6.3.1 will provide significant scanning enhancements and allow for more thorough searching for personally identifiable information (PII). This version of IDF will scan additional types of documents and will utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanning. All county Extension and research center computers will be updated with the newest version of IDF beginning the week of June 11th.

In the December 2012 Ag IT Matters article, we shared a plan to upgrade the Identify Finder (IDF) software installed on county and research center computers.  Due to delays in the release of the upgrade and some difficulties with the version, Ag IT postponed that roll-out.

We are now at a point where we need to move forward with updating the IDF client on all county and research center computers to the latest version, 6.3.1. With this version, more documents and document types will be scanned for personally identifiable information (PII). Additionally, documents will be scanned in different ways, including the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These changes are necessary scanning enhancements that will allow for a more thorough search for PII.

Scanning with the new version of IDF will be different. The first scan after the upgrade will likely take longer to run than previous scans. If you find that the scanning process is creating significant performance issues while you are working, please remember that you can pause the scan and then resume over lunch, at the end of the day or at a time when you can be away from the computer.

Since this is a new version of IDF doing the scanning, you may find that files you had previously set to be ignored will re-appear in the scan results. Subsequent scans should run significantly faster and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance of scans.

After your next scan, as well as all subsequent scans, please make every effort to remediate the findings as quickly as possible. For a refresher on appropriate remediation procedures, you can visit the links below.

For more assistance with IDF scanning and remediation please contact the Ag IT Help Desk.


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