Identity Finder – Update (Counties and Research Centers)

Posted: February 1, 2013

In early February, Identity Finder (IDF) will automatically be scheduled to run scans on all computers in County Offices and Research Centers. You will no longer be required to create schedules or reminders to manually scan your computer.

In December, Ag IT shared information regarding changes to Identity Finder (IDF), see Identity Finder Upgrade (Counties and Research Centers). Many changes and enhancements have already been implemented; however we wanted to follow up on the status of a few changes that are still slated to happen.

First, the Security Operations and Services (SOS) office has not yet released the new version of Identity Finder (6.2). At this time, we don’t have an estimated delivery date.  This version is expected to be much more thorough as it scans for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). When it becomes available we will push the updated version to computers in our College.

Second, we previously mentioned the move to “scheduled” Identity Finder scans.  These scans will be initiated from a central Identity Finder management console. You will no longer need to set reminders to manually scan your computer; the scan will be scheduled and initiated for you.  You can expect these scheduled scans to be initiated for all County offices and Research Centers starting February 7th.

If you have manually scheduled a job to automatically run Identity Finder scan, please reference the following “How To” article “Remove a Scheduled Scan in Identity Finder”. If you happen to be in one of the few County offices that already had their scans initiated through the central Identity Finder management console, your scheduled day/time to scan may change.

After February 7th, scans will be scheduled to run once every three weeks.  This schedule helps ensure all computers are scanned in accordance with University and College policies. You will still have the ability to manually scan your computer on demand if and when you choose. And with any scan, you retain ability to “pause” a scan if it adversely affects your work and then restart it at more convenient time.