Filemaker Alert

Posted: December 13, 2013

Are you taking appropriate precautions to secure the integrity of your FileMaker databases?

With the retirement of Vince Verbeke we’d like to remind you that we no longer have a FileMaker specialist on our staff.  Plans have been put in place to manage the animal show files, and there are plans to replace FileMaker with Salesforce as your tool for mailing list management.

Until your mailing lists and other incidental FileMaker Pro files are converted to a new format it is important to make frequent backups of your FileMaker files.  We would strongly encourage you to backup your databases to an external source – your server or jump drives – on a periodic basis (weekly or monthly) and after every flurry of adding or deleting new records.

We’ve been fortunate to have Vince’s expertise - after years of training and experience - to recover badly damaged files.  With his retirement the new paradigm will be to revert to the most recent backup.  Because FileMaker files are prone to failure if they are used from a remote location (like your server based My Documents) they are most often stored locally on the user’s computer – and that means that the automated backup of the server is not necessarily backing up your mailing lists.

We recommend that you make a folder on the server, or on a jump drive, and periodically copy your active files to that folder.  Continue using the local copy for best performance, retaining the server copies for use if the primary files fail.