Disposal of Computers and Peripherals

Posted: December 13, 2013

Have old computers or computer related equipment ready for disposal? If so, "there's an app for that". OK, so no, there isn't really an app for it, but there is a policy that you will need to follow.

When computers or other peripherals have achieved the end of their useful life they needs to be disposed of in accordance with policy.  The first determining factor is the owner of the item.  If the equipment was paid for with Penn State University funds, then Penn State policy must guide its disposition.  Property that was paid for with county funds should be disposed of under county policy.

When you are ready to dispose of University owned property you should first send an email with your intention to dispose of this property to Sandy Gentzel in the Extension Director’s Office ( and her office will complete the electronic forms for disposal of tangible assets.  Include in this message the county and district as well as the service tag or serial number and description of the device – for example:

Dell Optiplex 600zx, Service Tag QZG0Lions
Apple PowerMac G3, Serial Number 1234-H-PSU01
HP LaserJet 4250DN, Serial Number PA6-5000-BR549

Once the forms are complete and submitted you may drop off your computers at Lion Surplus on the University Park campus, OR you may drop off your surplus equipment at any Commonwealth Campus (you will need to contact the local campus to learn the drop off location).

Lion Surplus bears the burden of securing the data on the computer, though you may choose to securely erase the hard drive yourself.  Contact Computer Support for assistance with this if you choose to do so.

It is possible for employees to purchase a computer directly from Lion Surplus, however policy requires that the computer be securely erased and that the purchaser receive only the original operating system CD’s.  Should the CD’s be unavailable it would be the purchaser’s responsibility to secure a legal copy of the operating system to install.  Computers are not to be sold with university files or licensed software, and it is not an appropriate use of time and resources for IT Staff to work on what will become a personally owned computer.

If you have any questions on the process of disposing of university owned computers and peripherals, please feel free to contact Computer Support at 814-865-1229.