Credit Card Processing – (No longer a pain in your ACE client!) ACE clients to be discontinued by March 31st, 2013

Posted: February 1, 2013

Ag IT is in the process of replacing all ACE clients with Wyse Terminals. Wyse Terminals offer many advantages over ACE clients, including faster boot time and greater ease in securing the devices. All ACE clients should be decommissioned by March 31, 2013.
Example of a Wyse Terminal Setup

Example of a Wyse Terminal Setup

Ag IT is currently in the process of implementing an improved solution for securely processing credit card transactions. This solution involves replacing all ACE Clients with Wyse Terminals. The use of ACE Clients has proven to be problematic for numerous reasons (long boot times, difficulty maintaining Windows and antivirus updates, difficulties surrounding quarterly security scans, and struggles to maintain sufficient disk space on the local system.) All of these challenges are eliminated with the transition to Wyse Terminals.

Wyse Terminals provide a “thin client” solution for credit card processing. What this means is that via a Wyse Terminal, users connect to a secure server in a protected data center here at University Park. All processing for credit card transactions occurs on the central server, not the local computer.

Ag IT’s vision is to have all ACE clients decommissioned by March 31st. This is an aggressive plan, but the benefits of not having to complete another quarterly security scan; not having to invest additional time and resources in using and supporting ACE clients; and most importantly, the increased security that can be provided by having all transactions processed on a central server, makes it well worth the effort.

The cost for replacing an ACE Client with a Wyse Terminal is approximately $325 and will be the responsibility of the office or department. This price includes one Wyse Terminal, a keyboard, a mouse, and the required licenses. A monitor is also required for use with the terminal, but is not included in the price.

Functionally, a Wyse Terminal can be set up in a single user’s work area or can be placed in a general location where it can be accessed by multiple users. The image above is an example of what a Wyse Terminal setup might look like.

Over the next few weeks, Ag IT will be contacting offices that are currently using ACE Clients, to develop a transition plan. If you have questions regarding the transition from ACE Clients to Wyse Terminals, please submit a Help Request.