Changes to Purchasing Process for Extension Computers (Counties and Research Centers)

Posted: February 1, 2013

Ag IT has recently changed the process by which Cooperative Extension computers will be purchased. Buyers will now be required to use Penn State’s eBuy system to generate quotes for desired computer configurations.

Over the past few months, Ag IT has implemented changes to the way Extension computers are purchased. You may recall that in the past Ag IT provided a PDF form (available via the website) that facilitated computer purchase requests. That PDF form was updated once a year, when Dell released new models and prices. Last year, Dell began a new practice of resetting computer models and prices three times a year and offering more options from which buyers can choose. With these changes, it is no longer feasible for Ag IT to maintain a PDF order form.  Instead, buyers are being asked to either purchase directly from Penn State’s eBuy system, or in the case of Extension, use the eBuy system to generate machine quotes (E-Quotes) that are used by Ag IT to place the computer orders. To the right is a flowchart of how the new process works (click the chart to enlarge).

Anyone with a Penn State userID is able to access the eBuy system to browse available computer options and generate and submit e-Quotes. However, it is very important that specific guidelines are followed when generating e-Quotes. A How To with detailed instructions for generating e-Quotes is available at Generate the e-Quote (Counties only). Additionally, a recorded tutorial is available for review at County PSU eBuy session - Jan 7, 2013.

If at any time you have questions about the e-Quote process or would like to talk with someone about your specific computer needs, please submit a Help Request and a consultant will work with you to answer all of your questions.