Password Expiration Notification

Posted: December 7, 2012

In January, Ag IT will begin notifying users by email when their Ag Account password is about to expire. Users will be notified 30 days before their password will expire, again at 15 days before password expiration and then daily when the account is 7 days or less before password expiration.
Sample Notification Email

Sample Notification Email

In January, Ag IT will begin notifying users when their passwords are nearing expiration. The intent of this notification process is to avoid any disruption of service that would occur if an account password were allowed to expire.

In accordance with Penn State1 and College of Ag Sciences2 policies, accounts require password resets at least once every 365 days. This policy has been in existence and is currently being enforced. This new notification process will simply assist users in identifying when their passwords are nearing the period of expiration.

Users will receive a notification email, sent from AgCompSupport, 30 days before an account password is set to expire. A second notification will be sent 15 days prior to password expiration and then daily notifications will be sent when a password is within 7 days of expiration. You can click the image on the right to see how the notification email will look.


On a related note, Ag IT would like to take a moment to emphasize a few points regarding passwords.

  • Ag IT will NEVER ask you for your password. Your password is sensitive and a unique link between you and your account. It should be protected and never shared with others.
  • Password should be made as strong as possible, adhering to the following guidelines
    • Ag Password requirement
      • Changed once every 365 days
      • Minimum 8 characters in length
      • Different than the last 3 passwords used
    • Ag Password recommendations
      • Contain a combination of numbers, upper and lower letters and special characters
      • Not contain any part of your name or User ID or other information commonly associated with you (birth date, child’s name, etc)
      • Changed MORE frequently than once per year

In the event that a password expires or is forgotten, please contact the Ag IT Help Desk to have access restored.

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