Adobe Connect Upgrade
December 20, 2012
Meeting@PennState will be upgrading Adobe Connect to version 9 over the holiday break.
Identity Finder Upgrade (University Park)
December 10, 2012
Security Operations and Services (SOS) plans to release version 6.2 of Identity Finder (IDF) in mid-December. This release will fix many of the glitches that we have experienced with the previous version. In preparation for the new IDF version, Ag IT will be implementing changes to the way the software functions, to make it run more smoothly in our environment. For more information on the changes Ag IT is implementing to help with IDF scanning, continue reading.
Identity Finder Upgrade (Counties and Research Centers)
December 7, 2012
In January, Security Operations and Services (SOS) will release version 6.2 of Identity Finder. This version performs a more comprehensive scan of computers, to ensure machines are free of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Due to the changes in what and how documents are scanned, scans may take significantly longer than with the previous version. For more information on the changes Ag IT is implementing to help ease this transition, continue reading.
Password Expiration Notification
December 7, 2012
In January, Ag IT will begin notifying users by email when their Ag Account password is about to expire. Users will be notified 30 days before their password will expire, again at 15 days before password expiration and then daily when the account is 7 days or less before password expiration.
Welcome to the "Ag IT Matters" eNewsletter
December 6, 2012
The Ag IT unit has developed this eNewletter as a method to communicate relevant IT issues and projects to keep you informed of the work we are doing and future directions of IT in the college.