SharePoint sites are best viewed with a Windows computer using Internet Explorer as the web browser.

To share information between a SharePoint Calendar and Outlook, users will need to establish a connection between the SharePoint Calendar and Outlook. Once the connection is established, users can view and manage the SharePoint calendar directly from Outlook.

This How To assumes you are using Windows 7 and are on an Enterprise Network computer in the College's AG domain. SharePoint is the collaborative work space for groups in the college. A person must be given permission to login to specific SharePoint sites and be added as a member. Members must have a College of Ag Sciences AG account. (Penn State Access Accounts and Friends of Penn State accounts will not work.)

Looking for a quick way to add documents or pictures to a SharePoint Document or Picture Library? Need to create folders and organize documents or pictures in a library? SharePoint provides the ability to open a document or picture library in Windows Explorer where you can create new folders and use the cut, copy, paste, drag and drop tools to organize files.