Adobe Connect

When you are viewing an Adobe Connect session as a participant, you can adjust the size of the image you see from the Host's shared desktop or application.

Adobe Acrobat Connect is a powerful onā€line collaboration, training and teaching tool.

When you start your Camera or Microphone for a Adobe Connect meeting, are you prompted to allow "Camera and Microphone Access" for '' or ''?

Several of you have asked for tips on hosting Connect meetings. This information, along with lots more, came from the Adobe Connect Community.

You can easily change the way in which your name appears in the Attendee List pod. A Host can also change attendee names as well.

When you record an Adobe Connect meeting, by default the recording is set to Private. This means that others cannot view the recording. A Host of the meeting room must set the recording to Public.

As you use your Adobe Connect meeting room and share files, your meeting room space gets filled up. Over time, you can run out of space to upload current, needed files. You may also be adding pods to use for different presentations, take notes, polls and chat pods. While these don't take up physical server space, they do however make your site cluttered and more confusing. This goes for the various layouts that you may have added for different speakers. This How To will give you steps to clean up your meeting space.

There are different ways to communicate with others in an Adobe Connect meeting. If you are granted microphone permissions, you can speak to others in the room. You can also use non-verbal communication by changing your status area and by using the Chat pod. The communication methods provide interactivity and feedback to the meeting.

There are two ways to get into the Meeting@PennState interface to create a meeting. This How To will walk you through the steps.

It is considered a best practice to end a meeting when you are done with the meeting, webinar or training. This will force all participants out of the room. This will also lock the room so no one can enter and leave perhaps unwanted comments in the chat pod. Only a Host can open the room when it's ready to be used again.

Once an Adobe Connect meeting or session is recorded, it is assigned a unique URL or web address. This URL is what others will use to view the recording.

Participants in an Adobe Connect meeting can broadcast live audio if they are granted microphone rights by a meeting host.

An Adobe Connect Meeting room can contain many different pods. At times, you may have multiple pods of the same type within the room; for instance, multiple note pods. To keep the room more organized, it can be useful to change the default pod names.

If you are planning to broadcast audio from within the Adobe Connect meeting, you will need to connect a microphone/headset to your computer and then run the Audio Setup Wizard to properly configure your microphone/headset within Adobe Connect.

You will need to set permissions on recordings that are moved into the Shared Content area. Access to recordings can be restricted to certain individuals or can be made open to the general public. By default, recordings are not accessible to the general public.

Have you ever been a participant in an Adobe Connect session and experienced an echo in your audio? Or, have you been a host and had a participant complain of an echo?