Apply a Format to a Field in FileMaker Pro v4

This How To walks you through the steps of creating a field that is a PopUp list or menu and also Check boxes or Radio buttons.

Clone a FileMaker 4.x - 5.x File

A cloned copy of a FileMaker Pro 4.x or 5.x file contains all the contents of the original file with the exception of the data. A cloned copy takes up much less disk space.

Convert FileMaker Pro 4 Data to Excel (Export as Merge Text File)

FileMaker Pro version 4 (FMP4) has the ability to export a text file that can be inserted into Excel 2013 or 2016. Note: Other higher versions of FMP can do this as well. These steps focus on FMP4 specifically.

Delete Address Records from Mailing List v4.1

When a record is entered in ML4v1.fp3, a related record is created in either MLpersv1.fp3 or MLbusnv1.fp3 (see How To: Understand the Mailing List Program on page 7 of the User Guide).

Enter Prefs Screen Required Fields for Mailing List v4.1

If you are opening a new ML4v1.fp3, you will be taken to the Prefs Screen automatically. You must enter values in the required yellow fields before leaving this screen. We strongly recommend that you enter a value in the Header field as well.

Recover a FileMaker Pro 4.x - 5.x File

If FileMaker Pro 4.x -5.x files become damaged due to a power failure, system error, or hardware failure, many times FileMaker can automatically repair a damaged file.

Share FileMaker Pro Database Files on a network

FileMaker Pro (FMP) has built-in file sharing capabilities. Your FileMaker Pro database can be made available to anyone with a networked computer and another copy of the same version of the FMP application. Please consider carefully whether it is appropriate for the information you have to be shared. If you decide to do so, please make sure to password protect your file!

Understand the Mailing List v4.1 Program

ML4v1.fp3, MLbusnv1.fp3 and MLpersv1.fp3 are the "primary" files of the Mailing List program. They are linked via relationships. Through this "link" each file can access the other file's data for sorting, printing, calculations, etc..

Use the zRecover_FR_Files program

If your Financial Records FileMaker files become damaged, you may need to use the Recover command. IT has a generic How To Recover a FileMaker Pro 4.x File that may be used to recover the files individually.