Enterprise Computers

These steps will help College of Ag Science faculty and staff update their College of Ag Sciences AG account password.

College of Ag Science faculty and staff will normally have TWO accounts. They will have a PSU Access Account and a College of Ag Sciences' AG account. Note, some have more.

This "How To" describes the addition or recreation of an Outlook 2013 with Exchange profile. This "profile" is the collection of settings that connect your computer to the Exchange server. You may perform these steps if you are experiencing problems with an existing Exchange profile. The creation of a new profile provides a "fresh start" opportunity that can help solve nagging problems.

As a PSU employee, you have a "Penn State" email address on one of Penn State's email servers. You can access these accounts via Penn State's webmail service: If you work in a Cooperative Extension office and in many College Departments, you may also have an email account on our College's AG Exchange server.

**For Cooperative Extension Office use only*** We have changed our process for ordering computers and your office must now use PSU’s eBuy system to pick a bundle that works best for you. This page provides directions for generating an Apple Template.

**For Cooperative Extension Office use only*** Your office must use PSU’s eBuy system to pick a computer bundle that works best for you. This page provides directions for generating a Dell eQuote.

What is phishing? Wikipedia defines it as "a form of social engineering, characterized by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, such as an email or an instant message. The term phishing arises from the use of increasingly sophisticated lures to "fish" for users' financial information and passwords."

Microsoft releases important updates on the second Tuesday of each month (e.g. Patch Tuesday). Ag IT recommends that you install these updates as soon as you see the alert.

Please follow these guidelines for proper disposal of computer, printer, copier and fax equipment that is no longer functional and needs to be disposed of. All Penn State-owned equipment must be disposed of through the proper channels so any data on the devices can be securely erased and the materials can be recycled.

This How To will allow your computer to "forget" its IP number and get a new one. This is useful for troubleshooting network issues.

The Friends of Penn State (FPS) service provides you with a digital identity so that you can access a variety of Web-based resources and services at Penn State.

Bad things happen. Over the years we've had several incidents where Dell desktops and notebooks have been stolen from staff. If this should happen to you, here's a quick checklist from Ag IT Support with regards to securing your digital identity.