Log Into a SharePoint Site using Windows 7

This How To assumes you are using Windows 7 and are on an Enterprise Network computer in the College's AG domain. SharePoint is the collaborative work space for groups in the college. A person must be given permission to login to specific SharePoint sites and be added as a member. Members must have a College of Ag Sciences AG account. (Penn State Access Accounts and Friends of Penn State accounts will not work.)

Note: In order to log in, a person must have a College of Ag Sciences AG account and have access to the specific SharePoint site.

Note: You must enter the full address of the SharePoint site (e.g. attempting to log-in at the server's root level <> will not work.

  1. Go to the Web address for the SharePoint site. This should have been provided to you by the Site Manager.
  1. In the login box for Username, enter your AG user account ID.
  • Where UserID is replaced by your AG user account ID (ex: ntv1 )
  • NOTE: Windows 7 computer in the College's AG domain, DO NOT have to enter ag\
  1. Enter your AG password.
  1. Click OK.

    Note: You should now be at the homepage of the SharePoint site. If you have questions or problems with using SharePoint, contact Support via the Help Desk Submission Form.