Have you ever been a participant in an Adobe Connect session and experienced an echo in your audio? Or, have you been a host and had a participant complain of an echo?

At times a participant may get logged into an Adobe Connect meeting more than once. When that occurs, they will hear echoing audio. This issue is very easy for a host to correct. If you are the participant experiencing the echo, type a note to the host of the meeting telling them that you are experiencing an echo and ask them to remove one of your duplicate Attendee List pod entries.

If you are the host, do the following to remove a duplicate entry for a participant (NOTE: only do this if you have confirmed that a participant is experiencing an echo. At times, a participant may intentionally log into a meeting multiple times. You can privately chat to the participant to confirm that the duplicate entry was or was not intentional.)

  1. You will see two entries within the Attendee List pod for the participant. One will have a "2" after their name. Select the entry that DOES NOT have the 2 behind it.
  2. Click the Pod Options at the top right corner of the Attendee List pod.
  3. Click the Remove Selected User option.

The duplicate entry will be removed from the Attendee List pod and the participant should no longer be experiencing the echo.