Request Summer Assistant and/or Intern AG Account

With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of summer program assistants and interns in Extension offices. To help these employees be successful, the College of Ag Sciences IT group is ready to create AG and, if needed, Exchange accounts for them. AG accounts will allow logon access to computers in your office and connection to the appropriate shared folders on your server. Additionally, summer program assistants and interns may also use Exchange for mail and calendaring, if requested.

Please note:  To be compliant with Penn State policies, each summer program assistant and intern will need her/his own unique Penn State Access account user ID and password. Friends of Penn State accounts are no longer accepted for summer program assistants/interns.

PART 1 – Submit Access Account Application and Summer Program Assistant/Intern AG Account Details

If the summer program assistant/intern already has a Penn State Access account (this includes current Penn State students), please proceed to Part 1, Step 3, since they do NOT need to complete any forms. If you aren't sure if they have a Penn State Access account already, just ask Ag IT Support. We can find out for you!


1. Download and complete the Penn State Access Account application for faculty and staff from the Information Technology Services (ITS) Accounts Services Office Online Application Forms Central.

Please leave the PSU ID box blank.

Be sure to complete the Penn State Status box information.

Yes or No

2. Return the completed form from Step 1 to the Ag IT helpdesk via fax (814-863-2662) or scan-to-email to

Once submitted, Ag IT will submit the form to ITS on your behalf. ITS requests that you allow three business days for form processing.

Yes or No

3. Submit the following Ag account details via a Help Desk Submission Form request or e-mail to
a. Summer program assistant’s/intern’s first and last name and county office location

b. The summer program assistant/intern’s start and end dates

c. Does s/he need an Outlook Exchange e-mail account created for Email and Calendaring? (Yes or No)
i. Choose 'yes' for this question if s/he will need to share calendar information with other staff in the office, or if s/he will need to send e-mail to clientele using a Penn State e-mail account and return address.

ii. If you are NOT requesting an Exchange mail account, please submit an e-mail address that we can use to reach this person if the need arises.

Yes or No

The following text block may be used as a guide for the AG account request. You may either copy and paste the block into the Problem Details field on the Help Desk Submission form or into the body of the email to

RE: Short Term AG employee in <county name> office
First and Last Name:
Start Date:
End Date:
Create Exchange Account:
Yes or No*
*If Not Requesting Exchange Account - Please provide alternate email address:

If they need access to SharePoint, please provide the entire site URL:

Please note: A separate request for each summer program assistant and intern should be submitted.

PART 2 - Final Account Setup

After the AG account has been created, a member of the Ag IT Support team will contact the staff person who requested the account to make arrangements to complete the process with the summer assistant/intern.