Request Short Term Wage Payroll Employee AG Account

These steps should be followed if your office has hired a short-term, wage payroll employee that needs access to College of Ag Sciences resources.

For example: Computer Login (for a machine in AG domain), Email and Calendaring (with College Exchange account), and Web Development. Additional Services that use an AG account are listed in our How To Change your PSU Access Account Password and College AG password.

These employee's will need a unique Penn State UserID. If they were a former employee or PSU student, they will have a unique Penn State UserID. We can use this UserID to create the AG account. In these cases, go to Step 2. If they don't have a Penn State UserID already, you will need to request a "Friends of Penn State" (FPS) account for the employee. The FPS generated UserID will be used to create their AG account.

Note: We have other How To's that describe other types of AG account creation.

STEP 1 - Office requesting AG Account

If the employee has no association with Penn State, they must apply for a "Friends of Penn State" or FPS account. This will generate a unique Penn State UserID for your short-term, wage payroll employee.

  1. To get a Friends of Penn State (FPS) account you and/or the person who needs the AG account should go to this web site:

  2. Click on the Create an FPS Account tab.
    Note: This form will ask for an * E-mail Address. The email address you enter here will be the one to receive the FPS information after the request is processed. If you are completing the form for the non-PSU person, you can enter your PSU email address. If the non-PSU person is completing the form, they can use a home or other email address of their choice.
  3. Complete this form and then click Create New FPS Account.
    Note: The creation of the FPS account and its user ID happens immediately. You may receive the information on the next screen or you may receive an email message with your information. Check the email account you listed. If it doesn't appear, check your Junk Email or Spam folder.
  4. When you have the Penn State assigned user ID we can set up the AG account.  Proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Office requesting AG Account

Once the FPS form is processed and the Penn State assigned UserID is created, you will submit a Help Desk Submission Form request that includes the following details:

  1. Indicate that you're requesting an AG account for a short-term, wage payroll employee and include your Office name.
  2. Include the employee's First and Last name.
  3. Include their Penn State UserID.
    --This could be a FPS UserID or an existing PSU student/employee UserID. For example (abc5555).
    -- We do not need the nine-digit Penn State Employee ID number if they have one.
  4. Include the Starting and Ending dates for the temporary employee.
  5. Do they need (Yes or No) an Outlook Exchange account created for Email and Calendaring?
    -- Choose 'yes' for this question if they will need to share calendar information with other staff in the office,
        or if they will need to send Email to clientele using a Penn State e-mail account and return address.
    -- If yes, please list (if any) staff UserID's who will need access to this employee's calendar.
  6. Does your office (Yes or No) use Redirected My Documents (RMD) where My Documents are stored on an Ag IT server?
  7. Does this account (Yes or No) need access to Network Share Folders from your department/group?
    -- If your office is at Univ Park and uses Ag IT server shares, list the share names.
    -- If this is a county Extension office and your office has a server, we will allow this account to have access
        to all the "County Share" folders except the Administration folder. Please let us know if their access to
       folders should be more restrictive. Otherwise, please list 'Default Folders OK' .
  8. Will they need (Yes or No) an account setup on an Enterprise machine?
    -- If located at University Park, please check with your Department.
    -- County Extension request will normally respond Yes.
  9. SharePoint access - if this person needs access to a SharePoint site, please provide the name and full address they will be accessing.

    The following text block may be copied and pasted into the Problem Details field on the form. You can then add the needed information in the form. You should send in this information in a separate request for each person.

    RE: Short Term AG employee in xxxxx office
    First and Last Name:
    PSU UserID:
    Start Date:
    End Date:
    Create Exchange Account: Yes or No
    If Not Requesting Exchange Account - Please provide alternate email address:

    Redirected My Documents: Yes or No
    Network Share Folders (list):
    Enterprise Machine Setup: Yes or No
    SharePoint site name:
    SharePoint site address address:
    (will start with

STEP 3 - Ag IT

Once we have this information, Ag IT staff will create the AG account, set activate and deactivate dates, and grant the needed permissions.

STEP 4 - Office Requesting AG Account

Ag IT Support will send an email that the AG account is active along with a temporary password to the staff person who requested the account. This email will include a listing of the How To's that the employee can follow to login and complete the setup of an Enterprise computer. At this point, the process should be done. If needed, we can schedule a time through Support to setup the employee on an Enterprise computer.

STEP 5 - New Employee

The short-term, wage payroll employee with an AG-only account should be aware of these issues.

  • Your AG password needs updated at least once a year. You should follow the "How To Change your AG Password" section of the How To Change your PSU Access Account Password and College AG password page.
  • Your name will appear in the "Global Address List" of the College's Exchange server. You will be able to send and receive email within the College's Exchange server without issue. This includes sending and receiving email within the office and with other Extension offices.
  • Your name will not appear in the Penn State Directory. When sharing your email address with others outside of Penn State or anyone in the College who doesn't use the College's Exchange server, you will NOT be able to give them an address that ends in Instead, you should provide an address that is your UserID followed by Example:
  • Since you have an FPS digital identity with Penn State, you will be able to access a variety of Web-based resources and services at Penn State. See the complete list on the Friends of Penn State page. FPS accounts have access to Adobe Connect meeting rooms and the Penn State software download page. You will need to login with you Friends of Penn State account ID and its password.
  • An FPS password can be changed here:
    Forgotten FPS passwords can be reset here:
  • Your FPS or AG account will not allow you to login at a Penn State computing lab.  If the College's IT group did hold a training at a computing lab at University Park, a commonwealth campus or the Penn Stater, they would not be able to login to the computer with their FPS or AG account.
  • Your FPS or AG account will not allow you to use Cisco AnyConnect to connect to Penn State via VPN (Virtual Private Network).