New employees in the College of Ag Science should apply for two accounts. The first is a Penn State "Access Account" and the second is a College of Ag Sciences' "AG" account. The Access Account is used to access Penn State online resources like Workday, Zoom, Office365 and many others. The AG account is used for College resources such as Ag computer logon, SharePoint login and printing.

You can follow these steps as soon as you know you are hiring someone new. These accounts are not created immediately so be prepared and let us know as soon as you know! New employees need to apply and be granted a Penn State Access Account from Penn State's Information Technology Services (ITS) unit before a College of Ag Sciences' AG account can be created for them. We use this unique UserID to create the AG account.

Part 1: Getting a unique PSU Access account (3 options)

A. If employee is paid by PSU:

If this employee is paid by PSU, then they would have already completed their Access Account application in their new hire packets. Go to Part 2.

B. If employee is not paid by PSU:

If this employee is not paid by PSU, then Ag IT will need information so a unique Penn State Access account can be created.

Please submit a ticket via a Help Desk Submission Form request so a Consultant can work with you.

Ag IT will submit this information on your behalf. The employee will be notified of their PSU account. Go to Part 2.

C. If employee is a PSU student, go to Part 2.

Part 2: Requesting AG account for computer access & resources

Once your newly hired employee receives their PSU access account (via their personal email account), Ag IT needs to know about it so we can create their Ag account. You can use the block of text to copy/paste into a message and send to or submit via a Help Desk Submission Form request.

RE: New AG employee in <county name> office
First and Last Name:
PSU ID (not the 9 digit ID number):
Start Date:
Will they be accessing a computer in the office: Yes or No
Access to county printers: Yes or No
Access to county share: Yes or No
Do they need a email to use for their job: Yes or No*
*If Not Requesting email account - Please provide alternate email address:

Part 3: Next Step

After the AG account has been created, a member of the Ag IT Support team will contact the staff person who requested the account to make arrangements to complete the process with this new hire.