An Adobe Connect Meeting room can contain many different pods. At times, you may have multiple pods of the same type within the room; for instance, multiple note pods. To keep the room more organized, it can be useful to change the default pod names.

When a pod is initially placed into an Adobe Connect meeting room, the pod name is the same as the type. For instance, if you place a note pod into a meeting room, the name of the pod is "Note pod". If you add a second note pod to the meeting room, it will be named "Note pod 2".

Also, when you upload a file into an Adobe Connect share pod, the pod name will change to the name of the uploaded document.

To keep your Adobe Connect room organized and professional looking, as a HOST, you may want to rename your pods.

To rename a pod

  1. Click the Pods menu in the toolbar at the top of the window
  2. Select the Manage pods option
  3. Locate and click the pod you want to rename in the list
  4. Click the Rename button
  5. Type a new name
  6. Click Done