Stop an Audio Echo in Adobe Connect

Have you ever been a participant in an Adobe Connect session and experienced an echo in your audio? Or, have you been a host and had a participant complain of an echo?

Training for Office 365

This Office 365 training page contains links to available resources designed to familiarize you with the functionality of Office 365. These resources will be updated as Learning Paths are developed to support Office 365 applications.

Transfer Mail Folders

Sometimes it is necessary to transfer an entire folder of mail messages to another person (job shift, sharing files).

Troubleshooting GlobalProtect VPN

GlobalProtect VPN must be enabled on your computer to successfully connect to Penn State resources requiring a secure connection.

Turn Off Outlook's Desktop Alert for New Email

The Desktop Alert that Outlook displays by default when new email arrives can be a major distraction and productivity drain. Yes, you may see just enough of the message content to recognize that it may be important. But it may take you several minutes to completely refocus on a task that has been interrupted.

Update your Preferred Name (O365)

This How To will provide instructions on how to update your preferred name for O365.

Use Cisco Jabber on a Windows Computer
Use the Photo Release Form

A completed release form must be obtained in order to legally use a person’s image and likeness in marketing materials, publications, web pages, or other media.

Using and Configuring OneDrive App on Computer

The OneDrive app installed on your computer keeps your OneDrive files synced and available to you without having to log into the the Office 365 web application. You have many choices when it comes to how you sync your OneDrive files to the OneDrive all on your local computer.

Using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

Penn State has begun the transition from ANGEL to Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) that offers students and faculty new ways to manage, navigate, and access their courses online.

View Another Person's Calendar

As we do more and more work in a team environment, we may need to view another person's calendar. You can only view someone else's calendar if you've been given permission by that person.

Voicemail greetings and Pin

Links provided for adding or changing your Voicemail greetings. Also for resetting your voicemail PIN/code.

What To Do if Your Computer is Stolen

Bad things happen. Over the years we've had several incidents where Dell desktops and notebooks have been stolen from staff. If this should happen to you, here's a quick checklist from Ag IT Support with regards to securing your digital identity.

Windows 10 Migration Announcement

The following notice was shared with the College on December 10, 2018 by Ed Zuech, Director of Ag IT.


The way in which we connect our devices to the Penn State and County wireless networks did not change during the remote work period. However, we may still need a refresher on how to connect both our Penn State-owned and personal devices to Wi-Fi.

Working From Home Basics
WORKING REMOTELY - Change your PSU Access Account Password

These instructions will assist you in changing the password for your PSU account while working remotely.

Working with Shared (with you) OneDrive Files/Folders

OneDrive files that have been shared with you are available from OneDrive on the web or locally through File Explorer/OneDrive app on your computer.