OneDrive vs. SharePoint vs. Teams

This video will help to explain the relationship between Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

Open another mailbox via Outlook on the Web App

To view another mailbox in your OotW, you need to follow these steps.

Opt-In Automatic Weekly Computer Restarts

Ag IT has an Opt-In computer restart program that can be used by anyone wishing to have their computer(s) automatically restarted once a week (Saturday mornings between 1:00 and 6:00 AM). To enroll a computer in the program, follow the instructions below.

Order a new Cisco phone for a county office

At this time, new Cisco phones need to be ordered via Ag IT to confirm that shipping, billing and configuration is correct. This process may change in the future.

Pass ownership of a Zoom meeting or webinar to another person

When you leave Penn State you should pass ownership of your Zoom meetings and/or webinars to another person in the office or on your team so they can continue to use these meetings and webinars without any URL changes.

Prepare for (or Recover From) Power Outages in Extension Offices

Extension offices depend on their server and their network devices to operate well….and server and network devices depend upon electricity to operate well! When there is a planned or unplanned power outage, the staff of Ag IT would like to be notified - and is standing by to help you return to service.

Recommendations for Computer, Printer, Copier and Fax Disposal

Please follow these guidelines for proper disposal of computer, printer, copier and fax equipment that is no longer functional and needs to be disposed of. All Penn State-owned equipment must be disposed of through the proper channels so any data on the devices can be securely erased and the materials can be recycled.

Recording: Jabber for Dell desktop Overview

Jabber on your computer is a normal part of your day. Learn how to use it with making, receiving and transferring calls. We’ll look at a few important setting changes and have a live demo with the Windows Jabber client.

Recording: Jabber for Mac desktop, iOS/Droid Overview

Jabber on your computer is a normal part of your day. Learn how to use it with making, receiving and transferring calls. We’ll look at a few important setting changes and have a live demo with the Mac desktop, iOS and Droid Jabber clients.

Release and Renew IP Numbers

This How To will allow your computer to "forget" its IP number and get a new one. This is useful for troubleshooting network issues.

Remotely Wake Computer from Standby Mode

If you have a computer that you remotely access and that is entering standby mode, follow the instructions below to remotely wake the computer.

Request modifications to Office Call Handler

The Call Handler or auto-attendant that your office uses is managed by ENCS/Phone group at PSU.

Request, Install & Use Jabber info for Cisco VoIP

Links provided below are for requesting a license, installing, configuring and using Jabber. It also includes a link for troubleshooting Jabber. Jabber allows you to use your cell phone or computer to make & receive calls when you don't have access to your work phone.

Reserve 424 Ag Admin

424 Ag Admin at University Park is available from 8 am to 5 pm, weekdays. The room can be reserved by using 25Live.

Restart/Reboot Your Computer

Restarting a computer closes all active applications and services, powers off the computer, then starts it back up. “Restarting” and “Rebooting” are synonyms and you’ll hear the terms used interchangeably.

Restore Deleted Files from OneDrive

If you have accidentally deleted files that were synced with Microsoft OneDrive, you may be able to recover them from either your computer Recycle Bin/Trash or your OneDrive Recycle bin.

Select or Change A Power Profile

Computers that are running BigFix have pre-defined power profiles that users can choose to enable. These power profiles have pre-defined settings that will control when a computer’s monitor and hard drive turn off and when the computer enters standby mode. Ag IT recommends that all users strongly consider implementing an energy-saving power profile.

Sharing SharePoint Files

SharePoint files or folders can easily be shared with other people.

Sharing SharePoint Files with the public and/or for Cvent use

This How To is written specifically for Extension staff, faculty and educators that need to share files with the public for webinars, meetings, classes and similar items. Penn State does not allow public access to a SharePoint site by default. To save you steps of creating your own SharePoint site and then requesting public access and then managing the site, Ag IT has created Team SharePoint sites for each of the Extension teams and have created a Public folder for you to use to store your files for the public to use. This How To provides instructions on how to share a link with those that need access.

Sharing/Unsharing OneDrive Files or Folders

OneDrive files or folders can easily be shared with others. These steps will also allow you to provide a link for your Cvent request.


Transitioning back to the office after months of working from home may require a bit of finesse to ensure your technology is working as it did (or better!) prior to March 2020. Ag IT has compiled some "return to the office" tips that may make your transition a bit easier. Welcome back, Ag Community!

Training for Office 365

This Office 365 training page contains links to available resources designed to familiarize you with the functionality of Office 365. These resources will be updated as Learning Paths are developed to support Office 365 applications.

Transfer Mail Folders

Sometimes it is necessary to transfer an entire folder of mail messages to another person (job shift, sharing files).

Troubleshooting GlobalProtect VPN

GlobalProtect VPN must be enabled on your computer to successfully connect to Penn State resources requiring a secure connection.

Turn Off Outlook's Desktop Alert for New Email

The Desktop Alert that Outlook displays by default when new email arrives can be a major distraction and productivity drain. Yes, you may see just enough of the message content to recognize that it may be important. But it may take you several minutes to completely refocus on a task that has been interrupted.

Understanding the Windows Update Process

Ag IT uses systems management tools and Windows features to help keep College computers and their applications updated and secure.

Use Cisco Jabber on a Windows Computer
Use the Photo Release Form

A completed release form must be obtained in order to legally use a person’s image and likeness in marketing materials, publications, web pages, or other media.

Using and Configuring OneDrive App on Computer

The OneDrive app installed on your computer keeps your OneDrive files synced and available to you without having to log into the the Office 365 web application. You have many choices when it comes to how you sync your OneDrive files to the OneDrive all on your local computer.

Using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

Penn State has begun the transition from ANGEL to Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) that offers students and faculty new ways to manage, navigate, and access their courses online.