Check your Cisco VoIP voicemail from the web

Sometimes you don't have access to physical phone to check your voicemail messages. You can use the web to do so.

Cisco 8811 8851 Quick Start Guides
Clean up an Adobe Connect Meeting Space

As you use your Adobe Connect meeting room and share files, your meeting room space gets filled up. Over time, you can run out of space to upload current, needed files. You may also be adding pods to use for different presentations, take notes, polls and chat pods. While these don't take up physical server space, they do however make your site cluttered and more confusing. This goes for the various layouts that you may have added for different speakers. This How To will give you steps to clean up your meeting space.

Communicate with others in Adobe Connect

There are different ways to communicate with others in an Adobe Connect meeting. If you are granted microphone permissions, you can speak to others in the room. You can also use non-verbal communication by changing your status area and by using the Chat pod. The communication methods provide interactivity and feedback to the meeting.

Configure AG Exchange Account on a Mac

This How To explains how you configure your College of Ag Sciences Exchange account in Outlook on a Macintosh.

Configure Communicator for Mitel phones

This How To will give you information to configure the Communicator application you can use to find others in the Mitel system. You can use Communicator to have your phone dial that person. You need to pick up your phone to connect to the person you are calling.

Configure Mac Mail With Microsoft Exchange

The following will help you setup your Microsoft Exchange email account with Mac Mail.

Connect SharePoint Calendar to your Outlook Calendar

To share information between a SharePoint Calendar and Outlook, users will need to establish a connection between the SharePoint Calendar and Outlook. Once the connection is established, users can view and manage the SharePoint calendar directly from Outlook.

Connect to County Wireless

AgIT provides wireless in our Extension offices: psu-ext-staff is for PSU owned devices while psu-ext-pub is for personal devices. IMPORTANT: To protect the security of your network, the secure county (staff) wireless should ONLY be used for computers and devices that have both BigFix Manager and the Ag IT managed Windows Defender anti-virus software installed.

Create a Zoom Meeting or Webinar via the Zoom Web Portal

Getting your own Zoom meeting or webinar room is easy. Be sure to follow these steps and start by using the PSU Zoom site.

Creating and Managing Microsoft Teams

Using these instructions you can create and manage Microsoft Teams.

Delete Files or Folders

Prior to your Box data being migrated to OneDrive, it is a good idea to do some housekeeping to delete files and folders that are no longer needed. The information below explains how you can delete files and folders from Box on the web ( If you are a Box Sync or Box Drive user, you can also clean up files directly from those applications.

Delete SharePoint Calendar Connection from your Outlook Calendar

Old SharePoint calendars should be removed from your Outlook. This is especially important as we move away from AG SharePoint sites to Office366 SharePoint sites. This How To explains how to delete/remove connection to a SharePoint calendar in your Microsoft Outlook application.

End a Meeting in Adobe Connect

It is considered a best practice to end a meeting when you are done with the meeting, webinar or training. This will force all participants out of the room. This will also lock the room so no one can enter and leave perhaps unwanted comments in the chat pod. Only a Host can open the room when it's ready to be used again.

Exchange 2013/2016 - E-mail Quota

Users on the College's Exchange 2016 server managed by Ag IT have a quota assigned to their Exchange accounts.

Filter Data in SurveyMonkey

If you need to analyze data based on respondent's answer, you can use the filter tool in the Analyze section. Based on questions in the survey, you can pick specific answer choices to build a response-based filter. With this filter applied, you will see only the surveys that match that criteria.

Find a Recorded session address

Once an Adobe Connect meeting or session is recorded, it is assigned a unique URL or web address. This URL is what others will use to view the recording.

Forward away from Office365

For those leaving the University, you can change where your email is delivered by forwarding your email away from PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Oct 31, 2018, Ag IT is not sure of how long this forward will remain in place. Just something to be aware of as the University creates a new policy.

Forward your PSU Email

If you are leaving the College and are removed from the College of Ag Sciences' Exchange server, these steps allow you to change where email sent to your is delivered. You can forward your mail to the default Penn State email servers ( or even to an outside Penn State address.

Generate the Apple Template (Counties only)

**For Cooperative Extension Office use only*** We have changed our process for ordering computers and your office must now use PSU’s eBuy system to pick a bundle that works best for you. This page provides directions for generating an Apple Template.

Generate the Dell eQuote (Counties only)

**For Cooperative Extension Office use only*** Your office must use PSU’s eBuy system to pick a computer bundle that works best for you. This page provides directions for generating a Dell eQuote.

Grant and Revoke Microphone Rights to Adobe Connect Participants

Participants in an Adobe Connect meeting can broadcast live audio if they are granted microphone rights by a meeting host.

Group Box Accounts (Non-Person Accounts/NPAs)

Box Non-Person Accounts (NPA) are used by work units. These accounts are owned by a non-person, identified by a “b-” prefix, and are accessible as a shared folder when you log in to your personal Box account. Because these accounts can have multiple co-owners, their migration is slightly different and more complex.

How to Create a PSU Listserv

A listserv is an email-based mailing list. It is used to send announcements to a large group of people and for creating discussion groups among interested individuals. You can use these steps to request a new listserv.

How To Understand Phishing

What is phishing? Wikipedia defines it as "a form of social engineering, characterized by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, such as an email or an instant message. The term phishing arises from the use of increasingly sophisticated lures to "fish" for users' financial information and passwords."

Important Information for Users Leaving College of Ag Sciences

Users leaving the College of Ag Sciences are required to ensure that all work-related data has been appropriately transferred/shared with necessary colleagues and to notify Ag IT for account closure.

Install Adobe Creative Cloud Products

An Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) account is available to all Penn State students as well as faculty and staff members, at no additional cost! Once a new license has been issued, users will follow this How To to gain access to Creative Cloud products.

Install Cisco Jabber

Jabber allows you to use your cell phone or computer to make & receive calls when you don't have access to your work phone. It looks like you are making calls from your work phone number.

Install Important Windows Updates

Microsoft releases important updates on the second Tuesday of each month (e.g. Patch Tuesday). Ag IT recommends that you install these updates as soon as you see the alert.

Join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar

It is important to have your Meeting ID when you are joining a Zoom meeting. It's also best if you join via the PSU Zoom site to ensure that you enter with the correct permissions for the meeting. If you receive an invite to a Zoom meeting via email from a PSU colleague, it's still best to follow this How To.