Map a Drive to your Departmental Data

If you map to your Departmental Data folder for any reason, the new path will be: \\\shares\xxxx, where xxxx stands for the folder name.

These steps are specifically for mapping to this location from a Windows PC

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Go to Tools Map Network Drive.  (In Windows 10 it is Computer - Map Network Drive)
  3. In the drop down box for “Drive:”, Select any unused letter (if it’s used, it will have a network path next to the letter)
  4. In the box next to “Folder:” type the following: \\\shares\ followed by your department's folder name.

    -    401AgAdmin
    -    ADL
    -    AdminServices
    -    AEE
    -    ANSC
    -    College Relations
    -    CoopExt
    -    CSCO
    -    CSS
    -    Development
    -    Entomology
    -    FoodScience
    -    GrantsBudgets
    -    Horticulture
    -    InternationalAg
    -    LAL
    -    PastoAgMuseum
    -    PDC
    -    PlantPath
    -    PLSC
    -    Poultry
    -    ResGradEd
    -    TurfPlot
    -    UndergradEd
    -    VetSci

    Note: You may need to add additional folder names if you account does not have permissions to access the root folder. Contact Computer Support, 814-865-1229, if needed.
  5. Check the box “Reconnect at logon” if you want this to be a permanent mapping
  6. Click Finish.