We have created a short list of tasks that should be completed before your migration date. This includes details of accessing your email and calendar while your email is being migrated.

***Print this document to have for the day of your migration!***

Prior to migration

If you use your Outlook calendar, it is recommended that you print your calendar for October, to whatever details you need, just in case.

Note that archive or personal folders will not automatically migrate. However, your archive or personal folders can easily be moved to your O365 Outlook after the migration. Contact Ag IT after your migration for assistance with this.

Day of Migration

- Please close your email application (Outlook, MacMail, UCS, etc.) on your computer by 4 pm on your migration day. At that time, Penn State will begin creating O365 email accounts for the users who are migrating.

- Once Penn State has created your O365 email account, you may immediately start using O365 Outlook on the Web by logging into outlook.office.com on any browser. We expect most of your mailboxes to be available in O365 Outlook on the Web sometime in the evening of your migration day.

NOTE: Outlook on the Web is the best way to check your email immediately after your migration. If you prefer to continue using Outlook on the Web and do not intend to use the Outlook desktop application, then your setup is complete and you can scroll down to "After Migration".

If you intend to configure and use the Outlook desktop application, then please wait until you receive an email from your Ag IT consultant that you may proceed to the steps below to configure the Outlook desktop application.

Setting up your Outlook Desktop App - Don't start this until you hear from your Ag IT Consultant

When you are notified by your Ag IT consultant, your email is ready to be configured.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Find Microsoft Outlook 0365 application and click open.
  3. In menu toolbar click Outlook.
  4. Click Preferences.
  5. Click Accounts.
  6. In Accounts window, click plus (+) button and New Account.
  7. Enter your userid@psu.edu email address and click Continue.
  8. Penn State web access window will appear. Enter Penn State access userid and password.
  9. Click Login.
  10. Authenticate with 2FA (Two-Factor authentication).
  11. Your Email account should now be added.
  12. Set 0365 email account as default mail account.
  13. Do not delete your old account yet. That can be removed later, after you have moved any archive or local folders and you are satisfied that the migration was successful.

After Migration

After you are migrated, you might hear from a few others that email they send to you is bouncing back. That might happen if they have not yet been migrated and they are using an old address for you that automatically fills in the TO field when they start typing your name. Just tell them to delete that auto-fill address and to type your userid@psu.edu address from scratch. They should only have to do that once. This problem will go away when everyone in the College completes the migration to O365. If you have any questions about this, please refer to "Questions" below.


If you have questions as you work through this process, please contact the Ag IT Helpdesk.

Email: aghelpdesk@psu.edu

Support Phone: 814-865-1229

Web: https://agsci.psu.edu/it/help-request