Spirion - Force Quit Leaves IDFTmpDir Folder & Files Behind

During scanning, Spirion for Windows creates a folder called IDFTmpDir. Spirion uses this folder for file extraction of items that it scans. If the Spirion process is interrupted or you must force-quit the process because it appears to 'hang' and stops responding, then files are left in the IDFTmpDir. These files should be deleted to avoid future issues with the scanning process.

When Spirion successfully completes a scan, any items found are remediated, and then Spirion is closed normally, the IDFTmpDir folder and any items in the folder are securely deleted as part of the process.

However, we've noticed that people who have experienced issues with the Spirion scan and have been forced to quit from Spirion or restart the computer have large amounts of data in their IDFTmpDir folder. This is happening since the normal Spirion wasn't allowed to complete.

These steps for Windows 7 will walk you through checking to see if you have the IDFTmpDir folder in your Temp folder. If it exists, the folder should be securely deleted.

Windows 7

Note: Spirion should NOT be running or actively scanning when you perform these steps. To enure this, we recommend that you restart the computer before you do these steps.

  1. Click Start, then click Control Panel, and then click Folder Options.
    • If you don't see Folder Options, click on View by Small Icons on upper right side.
  2. Click the View tab. Under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Close Control Panel.

    Note: Hidden files and folders will appear dimmed to indicate they are not typical items. Usually, hidden files are program or system files that should not be deleted or changed.

  5. Open the Computer icon. Open the Local Disk (C:) icon.
  6. Open the Users folder.
  7. Open your <username> folder. Ex: vcv1
  8. Open the AppData folder (This is a hidden folder. It will appear "grayed out").
  9. Open the Local folder.
  10. Open the Temp folder.

    Note: The following image shows the IDFTmpDir folder in the Temp folder. You may have additional folders and files in the Temp folder. These can be ignored for this process. Our focus is on the IDFTmpDir folder.

    Windows 7 - IDFTempDir

  11. If you have the IDFTmpDir folder, right-click the IDFTmpDir folder. From the pop-up menu choose Spirion and then click Shred.
  12. In the Shred Folder dialog box, click Yes. When the process completes, click OK.
  13. Close the Temp folder.
  14. Repeat steps 1 - 4 and in step 2 un-check Show hidden files and folders.
  15. You can now start a new Spirion scan. Without the leftover folders and files from previous failed scans, the process should complete as expected.

 idden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders