You can share your Outlook 2013 or 2016 calendar with other users of the College's AG.PSU.EDU Exchange server. This How To gives you directions.

  1. Outlook 2013 or 2016:
    - From the Navigation Pane, click Calendar.
    - In the toolbar, from the Home group, click the Share Calendar button.

  2. A Sharing invitation window appears. See image.Outlook 2013/16 Share Calendar
  3. Click the To... button.
  4. KEY STEP: From the Address Book drop-down list, choose the Global Address List.
  5. Enter the person's name or select from the Global Address List.

    Note: You can add more than one address in the To line to share your calendar with multiple individuals if needed.

  6. When you have the names added, click OK.
  7. If you want to request to view their calendar, check the Request permission to view recipient's Calendar box.
  8. You can choose the level of detail to share from the Details drop-down list.
  9. If desired, edit the Subject. You can also add a message in the body of the request.
  10. Click Send.

    Note: Be reminded that this will only work with CAS AG Exchange accounts.