Once an Adobe Connect meeting or session is recorded, it is assigned a unique URL or web address. This URL is what others will use to view the recording.

Anyone who is assigned HOST privileges will be able to identify the URL associated with the recording. This URL can then be shared with others who want to view the recording. IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to publishing or sharing the recording URL, a HOST will need to change the recording status to "Public"; otherwise, users attempting to view an Adobe Connect recording may get the following error:

Not Authorized. You do not have permission to access this item.

To resolve this issue, a host of the Adobe Connect meeting room will need to follow the steps in this How To (http://agsci.psu.edu/it/how-to/change-viewing-permissions-on-adobe-connect-recording) to make the recordings accessible to the public.

Once made public, anyone who had access to the original meeting would have the necessary permission to view the recording. For instance, if the meeting was open for anyone to participate, anyone would be able to use the recording URL to watch the recorded session. If the meeting was restricted to a specific group of individuals, only those individuals would be able to watch the recording.

As a host, you can identify the URL associated with a recording by doing the following:

  1. Go into the meeting room (http://meeting.psu.edu/XXX, where XXX is the meeting web address)
  2. Go to the Meeting menu and choose the Manage Meeting Information option
      a. If you don't see Manage Meeting Information, you are NOT a Host of the meeting space and you will need to contact a Host to get the URL
  3. A new browser window will open, likely in the background. You may have to find it or look for a different browser window to open. You may be prompted to logon again.
  4. From the new browser window, click the Recordings text link
      a. You will see a list of all the meetings that have been recorded in this Meeting Room
  5. Click the Name of the recording you want
  6. The URL for Viewing is the link you will want to copy
      a. This URL can then be shared with others or added to a SharePoint site or another webpage