Enter Prefs Screen Required Fields for Mailing List v4.1

If you are opening a new ML4v1.fp3, you will be taken to the Prefs Screen automatically. You must enter values in the required yellow fields before leaving this screen. We strongly recommend that you enter a value in the Header field as well.

Once records are entered, DO NOT under any circumstances change (edit) the Office or List ID fields . This WILL cause errors in the program. These fields will appear yellow on a color monitor.

Opening the File for the First Time

If you are opening an empty (clone) copy of ML4v1.fp3, you are taken directly to the Prefs Screen.

  1. From the Mode menu choose New Record.

    Office is the name of your office or working group. All lists in your office or working group should use the same name.

  2. Enter a name in the Office field. Press TAB.

    List ID is a unique number given to each list in the office or working group. In county extension offices, enter a unique number to this list within the office, followed by a dash (-) and your county code. Ex: 5-01 for the 5th list in Adams County. Other locations (UP, research centers) should enter the last 5 digits of the office phone number in place of a county code. Ex: 2-33449 for 2nd list in Computer Unit

    It doesn't matter if List ID's are entered with a leading zero (05-02), without (5-2), or mixed (5-02). Be consistent in whatever style your office chooses.

  3. Enter a value for the List ID.

    A record in the Mailing List program may contain both Personal and Business information. The value chosen in the Default To (also referred to as Use Address) will be the default value for new records. Unlike Office and List ID, you may change this value at any time.

  4. Select either Personal or Business as the default entry value. Press TAB.

    You may change this selection at any time in a record by using the yellow drop-down list to the right of Use: field on each entry screen.

  5. Click Prefs Screen tab.

    Step 5 just "locked in" the required settings for this file. Now, go to the next page of this guide to set additional preferences for this file. Final Note: clicking the Smilie button in the upper-right of this screen will display System and File information. You may click this button at any time.