It is considered a best practice to end a meeting when you are done with the meeting, webinar or training. This will force all participants out of the room. This will also lock the room so no one can enter and leave perhaps unwanted comments in the chat pod. Only a Host can open the room when it's ready to be used again.

When are you are done with your meeting, webinar or training, from the Meeting menu , choose End Meeting


  • In the End Meeting dialog box, enter a message for the participants to see.
  • If you check the box beside Open this URL for everyone and enter a URL at the bottom, that address will be presented as a link for mobile users. For other users, a new browser window will open to this site.
If you click OK, the meeting room is closed. Participants and guests will not be able to enter the room until a Host opens the room.

If you click Save Message, the meeting will NOT end. You will return to the meeting interface.