Delete Address Records from Mailing List v4.1

When a record is entered in ML4v1.fp3, a related record is created in either MLpersv1.fp3 or MLbusnv1.fp3 (see How To: Understand the Mailing List Program on page 7 of the User Guide).

If you add information to both the Personal and Business sections, you actually have two records (one in MLpersv1.fp3 and one in MLbusnv1.fp3) related to a single record in ML4v1.fp3. When you use the Delete Record command from the Mode menu to delete a record, both these related records are deleted along with the record in ML4v1.fp3 But, what if you wanted to delete just the personal side of the record? If you simply go into all the fields in that section and clear the values, the related record will still be there. What to do? You need to use the provided buttons on the Address Entry tab to delete the unwanted related record.

Deleting Address Records

  1. Open ML4v1.fp3. Type EDIT as the password.

    If you want to delete the Personal section of a record which has both Personal and Business info, DO NOT go to the Personal Entry tab and "delete" the record. This will delete the ENTIRE record, including the related Business record.

  2. Click Address Entry tab if needed. These buttons only appear here. Choose one or the other.

    To delete just a Personal record, click Delete Pers Only. In the Delete Record dialog box, click Delete to delete the personal information. If undecided, click Cancel.

    To delete a Business record, click Delete Busn Only. In the Delete Record dialog box, click Delete to delete the business information. If undecided, click Cancel. The related record will be deleted.

    You will still have the main record in ML4v1.fp3and the remaining related record in either MLbusnv1.fp3 or MLpersv1.fp3.