Create a Meeting in Adobe Connect

There are two ways to get into the Meeting@PennState interface to create a meeting. This How To will walk you through the steps.

If you are already in a meeting room, use the Meeting menu >> Manage Meeting information option to enter the Meeting@PennState interface. This will take you into the information about this specific meeting room. You will need to click the Home tab at the top left, to get to the main Meeting@PennState interface.


If you aren't in a meeting, go to  Click on Sign in and log in with your PSU Access ID and password. You will be at the main Meeting@PennState interface.

From here, you can create a new Meeting:

  1. Click the Meeting button beside Create New:
  2. Give it a descriptive name.
  3. If you’d like, you can have a custom URL for your meeting space.
    • Keep it short and sweet since people may have to type it in to their browser window.
    • Please note that once the URL is created, you cannot change it (you would have to create a new meeting room with the different URL).
  4. You don’t have to do anything with the next several boxes.
  5. Look at Access: area. You need to make a decision:
    • Only registered users may enter the room - this option allows registered users to enter the room with their user name and password, but guest access is blocked.
    • Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room - with this option, the meeting room is accessible only to those who have been added as registered users or who have been accepted into the meeting room by the host.
    • Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room - this option allows anyone that knows the URL to the meeting room to enter the meeting, either by logging in with their user name and password or by logging in as a guest.
  6. In the Audio conference Settings area, select Do not include any audio conference with this meeting, unless you are using a MeetingOne audio conference service.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Select Participants area, you will add your registered users.
    • Click Search at the bottom left of the LEFT column.
    • You can search on their first or last name.
    • Be sure to confirm their userID.
    • Note: @fops is Friends of Penn State Account.
    • Once you find the person, use the Add button at the bottom right of the LEFT column. Their name will be added to the right column.
    • To change their role, select their name in the list on the RIGHT side, use the Set User Role button to make them a Host or Presenter.
    • Note: You can return here to add or remove participants later, if needed AND you can promote someone on the fly once they are logged in your meeting room.
  9. Please NOTE: We ask that you add the College of Ag Sciences - Consultants to the list of participants as well. Please set their user role to Host. This will allow staff from Ag IT to assist if you have problems with your meeting.
  10. When you are have added all of the registered users, click Finish.
  11. You can now share the meeting URL with your participants and other members of your meeting or webinar.