Configuring Outlook for Email - Windows

Setting up Outlook for Exchange 2016 - Windows version

Setting up Outlook to work with Exchange 2016 is easier than previous versions of Exchange.  The following steps, with screen shots, should help you configure your Outlook client.

If this is a new set up you will first create a new Outlook profile.

Autodiscover will locate your mailboxes.  After a few moments (longer if you are on a computer that is not connected to either AG or ACCESS domains), you should see the password prompt or be able to press next directly.

In the email address field put in your if the fields are blank.  DO NOT do a manual setup. 

In AG, this is going to fly by.   We have created some group policies in ACCESS to speed up this discovery process, but it may take a few minutes to discover your account.

For ACCESS and workgroup (home based) computers, you will be prompted for credentials.  You can leave the userid as-is and just enter the password.  In AG you shouldn’t be prompted for credentials (however if you are just re-enter your AG password).

Congratulations!  Click Finish and you are ready to go.

There are instances where you may get this box after you’ve configured Outlook.   Click OK, quit Outlook if it is running and then launch Outlook again.