There are different ways to communicate with others in an Adobe Connect meeting. If you are granted microphone permissions, you can speak to others in the room. You can also use non-verbal communication by changing your status area and by using the Chat pod. The communication methods provide interactivity and feedback to the meeting.

Broadcasting Audio

If you have a microphone connected and depicted via your Audio Setup Wizard (refer to steps earlier in the guide), you can use your microphone to broadcast your audio to the others in your Adobe Connect meeting room. One simple click can turn on your microphone so be sure to mute it when not in use.AC_ConnectAudio

To activate your microphone, on the menu bar, click on the microphone icon. Your audio is now being broadcast to the meeting room.

To mute your microphone, click on the microphone icon again. You should see the no sign through your microphone. AC_MuteMic

To disconnect your microphone, use the drop-down arrow to the right of the microphone icon and choose Disconnect My Microphone.

Set Status Icons

By default, your participant status is blank. When you select a status, an icon appears to the right of your name in the Attendee List. You can also clear your status at any time during a meeting.

At times during an Adobe Connect meeting you may be asked to use the Set Status tool to answer a question. For example, a presenter may ask you to set your status to "Agree" if you hear them. AC_MyStatusOptions

Changing Your Set Status

  1. Click the Set Status button in the menu bar.
  1. A pop-up menu appears with a list of available status settings
  2. Select the status that you want to display.

Clearing Your Status

When you have responded to a message and want to clear your participant status, select Clear Status from the Set Status menu. If you are a host, use the Clear Everyone's Status from the Attendee List Pods options menu.