Clone a FileMaker 4.x - 5.x File

A cloned copy of a FileMaker Pro 4.x or 5.x file contains all the contents of the original file with the exception of the data. A cloned copy takes up much less disk space.

Any major changes to a file should be done in a clone of the database which can be refilled with data via an import after the design work is done. The importance of using a clone for design modifications increases as the database size grows.

  1. Open the file
    • From the File Menu, choose Open
    • Open the file you want to clone
    • Enter password if needed, ex: Edit
    • Click OK
  2. Clone the file
    • From the File Menu, choose Save a Copy As
    • Click and hold on the pop-up menu to the right of the words Save a:
    • Select clone (no records)
    • In the Save dialog box, the word 'Clone' will be added to the end of the filename
    • Edit the name or leave as is
    • Click Save
  3. Quit FileMaker
    • After the cloning is complete, from the File menu choose Exit
    • The Clone can be held for future use