Speed dial and call forwarding settings can be changed by you, the user. Changes for how the phone works or some buttons on the side car are changes that ENCS will have to make for you. Speed dial buttons allow you to easily call or transfer to others outside your office. Busy Lamp Field buttons are for those inside your office. They allow for easy transfers and to monitor if the line is free or busy.

Speed dial & call forwarding changes

Use the myvoip portal. NOTE: As the page says, you will need to connect to Palo Alto GlobalProtect to use the page at home.

Click on Phone Settings.

  • My Phones option on left. This allows you to see what phone and Jabber licenses are assigned to you & your number.
  • Phone Settings on left. Click on Speed Dial Numbers. Depending on your phone configuration, you can add a Speed Dial or edit existing names and numbers. Reference PSU KB article.
  • Call Forwarding on the left. If necessary, expand Advanced calling rules to show more options. Make appropriate changes and click Save at the bottom.

When done, locate your name at top right and choose Sign Out.

Side car changes & how Busy Lamp lines work

To make changes to names & numbers outside the office (speed dials), use the myvoip portal (use above link).

To make changes to names & numbers for interoffice staff you will use a form from ENCS. These are called Busy Lamp Field buttons & they allow for easy transfer and to monitor if the line is free or busy.

Please have this information ready when you use their form.

  • your county
  • Ag Extension
  • your PSU ID
  • your phone number
  • the MAC on the underside of your phone

To request a change, use this form from ENCS

  1. Select I would like to make a feature/label change on a Phone.
  2. Choose Busy Lamp Fields.
  3. Type in the details of what changes you want to make to your side car.
  4. Be sure to include:
    1. your county
    2. Ag Extension
    3. your PSU ID
    4. your phone number
    5. the MAC on the underside of your phone

Click Order Now.

Once the request is submitted it will be assigned to someone on their team for provisioning/programming to complete the work.

You may also call 814-865-HELP(4357) for assistance.