Speed dial and call forwarding settings can be changed by you, the user. Changes for how the phone works or some buttons on the side car are changes that ENCS will have to make for you.

Speed dial & call forwarding changes:

  1. Use the myvoip portal, click Phone Settings.
  2. NOTE: As the page says, you will need to connect to Palo Alto GlobalProtect to use the page at home.
  3. Locate the Call Forwarding tab on the left.
  4. Make appropriate changes.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Locate your name at top right and choose Sign Out.

Side car changes & how Busy Lamp lines work:

To make changes to names & numbers outside the office (speed dials), use the myvoip portal (use above link).

To make changes to names & numbers for interoffice staff: Contact ENCS and use this form to make a feature/label change. You may need to logon.

You may also call 814-865-HELP(4357) for assistance.