Check your E-mail Disk Space

The more space your mailboxes take up, the slower your email access will be. This is because of the time it takes the E-mail system to transfer mail from the server to your computer. The College of Ag Sciences Outlook Exchange accounts do not have unlimited storage space per user.
  1. Open Outlook.
  2. From the Go menu choose Folder List.
    • Outlook 2007, click the View menu, select Navigation Pane and choose Normal
  3. Once you can see the Folder List, Right Click on Mailbox ‐ (your name) and select Properties for Mailbox ‐ (your name).
  4. Click the Folder Size button.
  5. Write down the number beside Total size (including subfolders).
  6. This number is total amount of space your Email, calendar, and attachments are using on the Exchange server
    • This space is listed in kilobytes (KB)
    • To convert this number to megabytes (MB), divide by 1000 for a rough estimate
    • Ex: 100,000 KB would equal 100 MB
  7. Click Close.
  8. Click OK.

Note: If you have a created "local storage" PST files for your use, you can Right Click on these "Personal Folders" and select Properties. Follow steps 3 - 8 to discover their size.

Note: This video was recorded in Outlook 2003. All the concepts still apply. To see a video of this How To go to Check Email Space Only.

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