Change Your AG Password

These steps will help College of Ag Science faculty and staff update their College of Ag Sciences AG account password.

Note: To learn more about editing either a PSU Access Account or a College of Ag Sciences AG account password, see How To Change your PSU Access Account Password and College AG password.


Note: We recommend that you follow these steps during Support's normal business hours of Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you run into issues when changing the AG password, you may not be able to login to the computer. We can reset AG passwords to a default password to allow you to login.

Note: These steps can also be used to change the passwords for some shared accounts such as Master Gardeners

Note: To generate a password that can be used with both your AG and PSU accounts, following these password rules:

  • It must be at least eight characters in length. Longer is  better.
  • It must contain characters from EACH of the following 3 categories.
    • at least one upper-case alphabetic character (A through Z)
    • at least one lower-case alphabetic character (a through z)
    • at least one numeral (0 through 9)
  • It cannot contain three or more occurrences of the same character.
  • It must be significantly different from the previous seven passwords you have used.
  • It cannot contain your user ID.
  • It cannot start or end with your initials.
  • It cannot include your first, middle, or last name.
  • It should not be information easily obtainable about you. This includes license plate, social security, telephone numbers, or street address. 
  • Optional, but recommended: It should contain at least one nonalphanumeric character such as: $ . , ! % ^ *
    (NOTE: You CANNOT use any of the following @ / \ & # ‘ “ ( ) < > | `) The use of special characters helps to increase the strength of your password.

Note: Password policy sets a minimum password age of 3 days. In other words, once changed, the password can't be changed again for 3 days. Also, password policy requires that your AG passwords remembers the last 7 passwords you have used. If you choose to cycle though a known list of passwords, you can't re-use the same password until it has changed 7 times.


  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Enter ag\ followed by your AG UserID  ex: AG\abc123
  3. Enter your current AG password.
  4. Enter your new password.
  5. Enter your new password again.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. If you see the message that your password has been successfully changed, close your browser window.

    Note: Steps 8-9 assumes that your computer is part of the AG domain. If your machine is NOT, you can skip these steps. Step 10 assumes that you have a College of Ag Sciences Exchange account. It should use the new password once it is changed.

  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Log in using your new password.
  10. Open Outlook and check E-mail.

    Note: If you have E-mail configured on a cell phone or tablet you will need to change the password in that device to continue to send and receive mail from it.

    Note:  multiple computers, e.g. a travel laptop, remember to put in on your office network and login with the new password as well. Also, if you login to other computers in your offices, e.g., a shared workstation, go to that machine and login.

    Note: In the past, Ag IT has recommended that users keep their AG account passwords and their PSU account passwords the same.  This practice can be very helpful. Many services, such as Exchange/Outlook email, SharePoint and logging into an Ag Domain computer require the use of your AG user account. Other services, such as Adobe Connect, Plone, ANGEL and the Employee Self-Service Information Center (ESSIC), require the use of your PSU account. Some users find it difficult to remember which account is used for which service. Maintaining the same password for both accounts eliminates that problem. Ag IT strongly recommends that you do not use the same password for any other user accounts (i.e. Gmail, Facebook, etc.) that you may have. You can update your Penn State Access Account password by following How To Change Your Penn State Access Account Password.