Change Viewing Permissions on Adobe Connect Recording

When you record an Adobe Connect meeting, by default the recording is set to Private. This means that others cannot view the recording. A Host of the meeting room must set the recording to Public.

Prior to publishing or sharing the recording URL, a HOST will need to change the recording status to “Public”; otherwise, users attempting to view an Adobe Connect recording may get the following error:

Not Authorized. You do not have permission to access this item.

To resolve this issue, a host of the Adobe Connect meeting room will need to follow these steps to make the recordings accessible to the public. NOTE: A host will need to do this for ALL recordings they want others to be able to view/access.

1.   Log into the Adobe Connect meeting room where the recording took place.Adobe Connect v9 Change Access to Recording

2.   From the Meeting menu in the upper left corner, select the Manage Meeting Information option and a new browser window will open.

3.   In the new browser window, click the Recordings link that is on the link bar directly above the gray Meeting Information bar.

4.   Check the box beside the recording(s) that should be accessible to the public.

  • To select all of the recordings, check the top box (to the left of the Name header).

6.   Click the Access Type button.

7.   Select the radio button beside Public. You do NOT need to include a passcode. If you do choose a passcode, this MUST be shared with those that you wish to view the recording.

8.   Click Save.

9.   Close the browser window.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to submit a Help Request.