Apply a Format to a Field in FileMaker Pro v4

This How To walks you through the steps of creating a field that is a PopUp list or menu and also Check boxes or Radio buttons.

How To Apply a Format to a Field

  1. Create a field you want to apply a format or select the field in Layout Mode
  2. From the Format menu choose Field Formats.
  3. Under Style, Select one of the following:
    • Pop-up List
    • Pop-up Menu
    • Check Boxes
    • Radio Buttons
  4. In the <No Lists Defined> box, click the down arrow and choose Define Value Lists
  5. In the Value List name, enter name of list.
    • Use something descriptive or similar to the field.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Make sure Custom Values in selected.
  8. In box enter appropriate values that user can select when using the field.
    • Press Enter after each value has been entered.
  9. Click Save when finished entering values.
  10. Click Done.
  11. If applicable, select the following options:
    • Include "Other item..." to allow entry of other values.
    • Include "Edit item..." to allow editing of value list.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Go to Browse Mode and test field.
  14. If you need to make changes, repeat steps 2 through 15.