Allow "Camera and Microphone Access" in Adobe Connect

When you start your Camera or Microphone for a Adobe Connect meeting, are you prompted to allow "Camera and Microphone Access" for '' or ''?
Camera and Microphone Access Alert

Camera and Microphone Access Alert

These steps will show you how to allow these sites access within the Adobe Flash Player so you're never prompted again.

Allow Access from Flash Player Settings Manager

Note: You can use this method to add "" to the Always Allow list.

  1. Click this link to open the Flash Player Settings Manager. Website Privacy Settings Panel
    Note: You can also do a search for "Flash Player Settings Manager" in Google.
  2. Click the Website Privacy Settings Panel link. (This panel may be the first one opened by default).
    Note: This is your list of visited sites. We're assuming that you'll find both and in this list. If they don't appear in the list, you need to login to Adobe Connect (Breeze) before you continue. Then come back to the Website Privacy Settings Panel.
    Note: The Website Privacy Settings Panel has 4 headings (Privacy, Websites, Used, and Limit).
  3. Click the Websites heading to sort the list by name. 
  4. From the list of Visited Websites, locate and click the Always allow radio button.
  5. From the list of Visited Websites, locate and click the Always allow radio button.
    Note: You could scroll through the list of websites and edit the Privacy settings as needed. If you have other sites that you want to 'Always allow' access to Flash Player, you can do that now. For example the ' ' site is used for eXtension professional development sessions.
  6. Close all Internet Explorer windows to save the change.
  7. When you login to an Adobe Connect meeting and start the Camera or your Microphone, you should not be prompted to allow access.